Intercultural Dialogue, 2008-10

Creative laboratories, events, residencies, publication

This project consisted of three creative laboratories, based in Birmingham & Black Country in England, Bela Rečhka in Bulgaria, Sejny in Poland – alongside travelling workshops in Leeds, Hania, Warsaw, Skopje and Baku. Through a series of artist exchanges, each laboratory explored the concept and reality of intercultural dialogue in their locality, where the issues are matters of memory, destruction of cultural heritage and environment, social and ethnic conflict, immigration and new community building. The project culminated in the UK with an international symposium ‘Interchat’ in April 2010, hosted by Birmingham City Council, and was followed by the publication of an English language book ‘We No Longer Talk’.

One section remains of the original project website, which provides a nice description of the activities of one creative lab in Hania...

Partners: Borderland Foundation, Poland; New Culture Foundation, Bulgaria; Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Crete.

Supported by the Culture 2007-2013 programme of the European Union, Department for Communities and Local Government (UK), Arts Council England.

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