Found Objects in a Bungalow, County Clare, Ireland

Entrance Hallway:

Jesus ‘Bless Our House’ key ring holder.


Container for Holy Water (empty) with image of Pope John XXIII.

Bedroom One:

Image of Mary, Mother of God, with Sacred Heart; 3D image of Saint Bernadette kneeling on hillside at Lourdes, with five sheep, before apparition of the Virgin Mary, who is posed like a statue.

Bedroom Two:

Jesus with prominent wounds, cradled in the arms of Mary, in the style of Giotto; Print of Saint Bernadette praying before the apparition of the Virgin Mary, who is beatific with incandescent flames flowing from head.

Bedroom Three:

Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii Ora Nobra, various scenes from the life of Christ.


Small plastic Virgin Mary; plastic Holy Water bottle, also small; Holographic Virgin Mary, in grotto, surrounded by an abundance of roses; Large portrait of Sacred Heart of Jesus, with stigmata, wall-mounted with flickering red electric light and inscription (not filled in) which reads ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus has been solemnly enthroned in this home on the _ day of _ 19 _ by the consecration to Him of all the members of the family, present or absent, living or dead etc’; small plastic junior Pope looking character; solid oak crucifix, black varnished.

Living Room:

Books on shelf include:

Fundamental Pastoral Counselling, Techniques and Psychology, J.R. Cavanagh, Milwaukee, stamped Property of Redemptorist Retreat House Limerick;

Notes on the Catholic Liturgies, Archdale A. King, Longmans 1930, stamped Sacred Heart Novitiate ‘Slievoir’ Terryglass, Nenagh;

A Popular Abridgement of The Mystical City of God, Venerable Mary of Agrede, translated from the Spanish, 7th printing, New Jersey, 1981;

Stamp collecting album;

Twelve Red Herrings, Jeffrey Archer, Harper Collins 1994;

The Wicked Wit of Oscar Wilde, Centenary Edition, compiled by Maria Leach, London 1994;

Profitable Sheep Farming, M McG Cooper and R.J. Thomas, First published 1965, Revised 1975, Ipswich.

Nothing much else of interested was noted.